Grandeur Collection by DHCW

Grandeur Collection by DHCW

Part one

At the end of 2019 we announced that a new collection of dolls houses would be released mid-2020. 

Then came the pandemic, non-essential retail needed to lock their doors and our plans had to change quickly, moving more into online sales of small products whilst keeping up with existing House orders. The shop was converted into a showroom, then became a storage and packing area, and then extra workshop space. We just could not find the time to build and display these new designs.

However, the setback did allow an opportunity to rethink, and add even more very special features, whilst maintaining our commitment to hand crafting each one. That's right, still no computerised production.

2020 collection was a temporary name until we decided on a fitting title.

We are now pleased to announce the name of our upcoming range of dolls houses, “The Grandeur Collection”

A quick rudimentary sketch, not to scale. 

‘Grandeur’ has been chosen because it's meaning best represents and expresses their position amongst our other collections.

Look up ‘Grandeur’ in a dictionary, and you will find the definition as follows; 'of splendour and impressive in appearance or style’.

Although we are not quite in a position to fully build and display the Grandeur houses. We are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and hope to be ready with the first display model in 2023

Anyone familiar with our established Heirloom collection of houses and shops, will know we do not use imported doors, windows or any other mass produced components. We take great pride in making everything from scratch. The Grandeur collection will be even more detailed, and yet still individually hand made with many unique features.

More information will be added in future updates. Keep an eye on our blog, website and Instagram account.

You can also register your interest using the dedicated email address;   

Your email must include the following;

  • REGISTER MY INTEREST (either in the subject bar or main email)
  • Your name
  • Town or city of residence and country if not UK

We will keep you informed ahead of social media posts.

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