Combine & build

Combine & build


This is the starting point for a new blog, all about how a combination of mouldings can be used to build architectural features that would be found on, or within real buildings. We will continue to expand this blog as we create and release more and more new products.

All the mouldings used within this page will be taken from products designed and made by ourselves, exclusively available from in the Combine & Build department.

Each moulding in this department/category are reproductions of full size architectural features that we have made perfectly to 1/12th scale (1 inch to 1 foot) so you can achieve a realistic looking doll house or model, both inside and out. Our specialty is to make products from hardwood rather than resin or plaster which make them easy to cut and finish with paint, wood dye or varnish. Note: wood dye, not stain, this will show the lovely wood grain in a natural way, as opposed to stain that can hide grain and in some cases look a little false.

Product explanation

The first products in this category are designed to create a stone cornice, seen on the exterior of a Georgian house.



Choose how delicate or bold you would like your feature to be by selecting from a combination of between three to five individual mouldings. In examples 1 & 2 above, we have used four profiles to create a realistic bold cornice. Notice how we have also replaced one plain section in example 2, for another of the same profile (shape and size) with added detail in the form of a dentil design. 

When putting a combination together it is important to consider how each piece will work with others. In this example of a crowning cornice, it would not look right to have a small profile at the top and large ogee profile along the bottom. Another point I must make is before you rush to our shop to buy all the sections shown here, you need to measure the space available on your doll house, allowing for any other details you may have, such as window trim, seen below in examples 3 & 4. Sometimes, less is more, you do not need to fill every bit of space, a gap can be just as effective as adding another profile when creating a feature.  

e.g. 3             

              Correct; with clearance above the window       

e.g. 4     

              Wrong; with no clearance above the window

How it works

Each moulding listed in the combine & build department, is shown sitting on a line drawing with possible added options. 

These plans are only to offer suggestions of how our other mouldings can work with the product you have selected. The combination on each line drawing depicts actual real life architectural features. However, you can of course adjust this by adding or removing sections, to suit the space you have available.   

Visit our website to see the products we currently have available.

More products will be added soon.

Blog to be continued.

Links to our mouldings website;

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Dolls House Mouldings Home Page. Visit to buy some of the best hardwood mouldings available online.  



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