Swan Dolls Houses

Swan Dolls Houses

Start of a new blog for our new collection.

While working on our upcoming Grandeur Collection of houses, we've had so many ideas that we feel will work best within another range.   

Personally, I have never seen the sense in trying to keep up with making countless designs of houses. It takes a great deal of effort to make them all perfectly, with no errors.

With this in mind, rest assured, we have no plan to increase the amount of houses we make beyond 10-12 designs.

Swan House will be the first design from our new Swan Collection. These will be made with a combination of technology and our usual hand made method, using hardwood architectural components and mdf. 


These designs have also lead to creating new hardwood mouldings that will soon be added to our website, were you will find some of the best dolls house mouldings and service available online. 

Our intention for the Swan Collection, is to offer different combinations of architectural mouldings, windows, doors, fixtures and fittings that will allow our customers to personalise their house. There will be simple options as well as more elaborate components and finishes, which we believe will cater for different budgets and customer expectations.


As mentioned, this is the starting point for this blog, so please check in again soon to keep up with the progress. 

Also, please follow us on Instagram: 'dollshousemouldings' for images and videos that will pop up there before being edited for here.



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