Foundation Collection

Why we can confidently promote these as being frustration free kits, even though there our lowest priced dolls houses.

When you’re ready to build your dolls house kit, and you open the box for the first time. You will not be disappointed or frustrated by poorly cut, unfinished or missing components. Providing you have a few necessary tools such as a drill, cross head screwdriver, PVA wood glue and masking tape. you will be able to start work on building your new dolls house. 

All main parts, including backs, are made from 9mm mdf for solid construction. 

 Heirloom Collection
True British Craftsmanship. Precision handcrafted. No CNC technology required.

We're often asked if we do actually make all the windows, doors, stairs etc ourselves here in England. Surely there made abroad, or with a CNC (computerised machine). 
The answer is simple, as stated for this collection. Yes we make everything ourselves, with hand tools and hand held machinery.
Not only can we claim this, but also boast, if we may. To posses the skill of producing components to such precision by hand, that others have felt the need to invest heavily in CNC machines to compete. It's only fair we should say, there is nothing wrong with technology that can produce houses in an hour or two. But we feel our Heirloom Collection should be handcrafted, and that the price we ask, fairly reflects the weeks of labour intensive time we spend on each model. This same opinion is shared by the customers that order their dream dolls house, from this collection.

  New for 2020 

We are working on a very special new collection of houses, due for release in 2020

2020 collection, is a temporary name that will be replaced with a more fitting name we have now chosen.
We expect prices to start from approximately £3,500 but we're still in the design and costing stages. Therefore we cannot release exact prices at the moment.

More details and collection name will be posted on our Facebook page early 2020

We also welcome you to register your interest, requesting further details as soon as they become available. email address: