In-store shopping options

We know certain products are simply better viewed in person (offline). For example, wallpaper, where the colour and pattern size are not always best depicted in a small online image. 

Most of our business is now conducted online, however, we do also have a small showroom here at Sawley Marina, where we offer 30 minute appointments during weekdays for anyone that would like to view and buy a dolls house, or any of our online products.

Visit our showroom

Update 23rd April 2024

Appointments are temporary unavailable.  More dates will be added soon. 

Visit our online booking page to create your appointment. Click the button above to see available options.

You will be asked to select the reason for your appointment so we are able to prepare for your visit.

If you would like to visit our showroom for a reason not listed in those options, please contact customer services, instead of using the online form.

We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Please note: We do not sell furniture, pots & pans, etc. You will only find our online products instore.

We are pleased to announce that from mid February, we will be open two Saturdays per month 10am to 3pm 

Please note: Our showroom is a small space, with limited displayed products. If you are particularly interested in a specific item or house, we recommend contacting us first, so we can prepare for your visit. 

We will post the next planed 'Open Saturday' here. Alternatively, you are welcome to check with customer services before your visit. 

NEXT 'OPEN SATURDAY'  To be announced 

Please remember, we only stock products listed on this website. We do not sell furniture 

Two distinct sides to our business.

1. Online shop    2. Showroom


1. Online shop

Dedicated to supplying all your dolls house DIY products, including;

skirting boards, cornice, wallpaper, lighting equipment, fire surrounds, etc.

All dispatched daily with express delivery here and around the world.


Click here to learn more about who we are.


2. Showroom

The other side of the business is where it all started, making dolls houses.

Our shop of over 25 years has been divided into two areas. A small showroom upfront and additional work space at the rear. Our showroom is dedicated to our own brand of houses and products, along with a selection of wallpapers.

If you are interested in visiting our showroom to purchase items, please contact customer services or book an appointment on the Appointments page. We look forward to welcoming new and old customers.

To recap

Online shop: Open 24/7 for architectural & decorating products with express delivery.

Showroom: Open by appointment only.

Please note: Appointments must be made in advance to visit our showroom.

A new look, brighter and better use of space.

We no longer have fixed positions for any display. All houses, desk/counter etc, can be repositioned according to how we need to use the space any day of the week.

The picture above shows just one of our Heirloom collection upfront of the showroom.

Please note: We only stock the items listed on this site, plus our own range of dolls houses.

Dolls House Cottage Workshop

Sawley Marina
Long Eaton
NG10 3AE

Please do not visit without contacting us first.