Established 1992


No CNC technology, just handcrafted
The products we're best known for are our Heirloom Collection (not to be confused with other makers marketing). Our houses are skilfully handmade, without the need for CNC routers and laser cutters. The same skills required for full size, traditionally made doors, windows and stairs, have been transferred to our miniature versions for this collection. 

In Brief

We specialise in products required during the early stages of a dolls house project, known in full size building terms as the first & second fix; Main house, architectural details, wiring, wooden mouldings, wallpaper, doors and fireplaces.

Established by Chris and family in 1992 trading as Dolls House Cottage Workshop, now abbreviated to DHCW.

Chris is a time served joiner who specialised in stair building, a passion that has been incorporated into his dolls houses from day one, over 25 years ago.
Qualifications include City & Guilds and Advanced City & Guilds in carpentry and joinery, as well as being awarded the initials of the Institute of Carpenters (IOC) for completing both practical and written exams.

Sawley Marina became the base for this business in 1995 when the shop was opened.
However for many years' time was split between shop and workshop based in Long Eaton, not an ideal situation. Today, the shop/showroom and workshop are in one place on the Marina.   
A typical working day is between ten and twelve hours, but the shop and showroom is only open Tuesday to Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm. These hours allow Chris to spend quality time with customers while continuing to work on orders, general production and packing goods for mail order.

Only quality materials are used in the production of both houses and mouldings.

Likewise, it stands to reason there is no point selling bought in items, if they do not meet the same standards. Otherwise the DHCW name would be tarnished.
Every customer can buy products with confidence, houses, mouldings and other items that have been selected to meet the strict standards set by Chris and his family.

Genuine Quality counts!
You will see we use the word quality, frequently on this page and throughout the site. It's sadly become a word used all too regularly by many, and often unfounded. We don't use the word lightly, our brand provides the evidence that we do make and sell quality products. 
If you see it's made by  DHCW, you can be sure your buying a well thought out English made quality item. You will not be disappointed. 

Chris comments
"Our emphasis is on maintaining not only quality, but also consistency, with all our products, and continuing to produce many hand made items. We've built our business and reputation over the last 25 years by sticking to this same strategy. 
We believe for these reasons we can confidently say our mouldings and houses are amongst the best available to date." 

This Website
www.dollshousemouldings.com is a domain name chosen to best describe the majority of products available from this online shop. Customers from the UK, Europe, Australia and USA are able to buy with a smooth and simple ordering method.