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"To lead, not follow."
Established 1992

Try our products and service, we're certain you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Pictured above; One of our handmade hardwood four panel doors, set in the hallway to Dale Rise. Such an excellent paint finish can only be obtained from a quality starting point. Testament to all the products we produce. 

"To lead, not follow."

Our Motto is a strong powerful statement, highlighting our ability to lead, by launching new products and thinking into the industry, not follow (not copy) other companies products and ideas. We have introduced many unique products over the years and we have many more still to lead into market. 

What do we do?
For over 25 years, we’ve been providing our customers with all the products required during the early stages of a dolls house project, known in full size building terms as, first & second fix; Main house, architectural details, wiring, wood mouldings, wallpaper, doors and fireplaces.


We only use sustainable, quality materials in the production of our mouldings and houses. This gives you, the very best starting point to achieve a finish you will be proud of.

Be Unique:

Here, you will not find all the usual imported, bought in DIY items, or mass produced houses available on other websites. Everything we make is either individually produced, or made in very small batches in our own UK based workshop.

Very important to note:

We do not supply any other online shop. To supply others would force our business into mass production, which we have no interest in.

When you choose to spend your hard-earned money with ourselves, the chances are you’re not going to have the same dolls' house as your neighbour, friend or relative.

An original drawing by Chris, of a Georgian front door and casing. This was created specifically for Derwent Manor and Derwent Heights, part of the Heirloom Collection. Be unique!


Established by Chris and family in 1992 trading as

Dolls House Cottage Workshop, abbreviated to DHCW.

Chris is a time served joiner who specialised in stair building. A passion that has been incorporated into his dolls' houses from day one, over 25 years ago.
His qualifications include; City & Guilds and Advanced City & Guilds in carpentry and joinery, as well as being awarded initials after his name of, the Institute of Carpenters (IOC) for completing practical and written exams.

Hardwood Victorian facia for Dale Lodge being hand cut with a fretsaw.

Sawley Marina became the base for this business in 1995 when the shop was opened.
However, for many years' time was split between shop and workshop, then based in Long Eaton, not an ideal situation. Today, the showroom and workshop are in one place on the Marina.   

Chris comments:

"Our emphasis is on maintaining not only quality, but also consistency with all our products. And continuing to produce many hand made items. We've built our business and reputation over the last 25 years, by sticking to this same strategy. 

We believe for these reasons we can confidently say, our mouldings and houses are amongst the best available to date."