Heirloom Collection by DHCW

We're often asked if we do actually make all the windows, doors, stairs etc ourselves, by hand here in the United Kingdom. "Surely there made abroad" people say, or, "do you use CNC routers and laser cutters ?" (computerised machinery). 
The answer is simple, as stated. We make everything ourselves with hand tools and some use of small machinery.
We feel our Heirloom Collection should be handcrafted, and that the price we ask fairly reflects the labour intensive time we spend on each model. This same opinion is shared by the customers that order their dream dolls house from ourselves.

Please note: Our Heirloom Collection are not available online. They can only be ordered direct from our showroom. Prices starting from just £1,550 

  New 2020 Collection

Update April 2022

At the end of 2019 we announced that a new collection of dolls houses would be released mid 2020 Then came the pandemic, non essential retail needed to lock their doors and our plans had to change quickly. 

However, the set back did allow an opportunity to rethink these new designs and add even more very special features, whilst maintaining our commitment to hand crafting each one. That's right, still no computerised production.

2020 collection is a temporary name that will be replaced with a more fitting name we have since chosen.

We now aim to release the first of this new collection, late 2022 Most likely the first week in December. 

More details and the collection name will be posted soon

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