Heirloom Collection by DHCW

We're often asked if we do actually make all the windows, doors, stairs etc ourselves, by hand, here in the United Kingdom. "Surely there made abroad" or, "do you use CNC routers and laser cutters ?" (computerised machinery). 
The answer is simple, as stated. We make everything ourselves with hand tools and some use of small machinery.
We feel our Heirloom Collection should be handcrafted, and that the price we ask, fairly reflects the labour intensive time we spend on each model. This same opinion is shared by the customers that order their dream dolls house from ourselves.


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Please note: Our Heirloom Collection are not available to buy online.

Please contact customer services if you are interested in purchasing one of our lovely houses.

  The Grandeur Collection

Update January 2023

At the end of 2019 we announced that a new collection of dolls houses would be released mid 2020 Then came the pandemic and our plans had to change rapidly. Update on our News page (December 2023) 

Read our blog for more details and keep up with future posts of progress.

You can also register your interest using the dedicated email address; grandeur@dhcw.co.uk

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