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pictured above, Georgian dentil cornice, product 1424D

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 Dale Rise 
Commission, designed, built and decorated by Chris Worthington of DHCW 

This was a commission we accepted for a fully decorated and light Dale Rise.
Our client carefully chose everything, from colour of paint to fireplaces, and was very specific on using all mouldings, flooring, roof slates etc from the range of products produced by ourselves. Her choice of decor was perfect, just the right combination of colours and patterns to create a very realistic home.
A few extra points of interest;
All floorboards are individually laid (not scored into the floors surface).
product 1387 
Roof slates are also individually cut and fitted to give a realistic finish. product 1394
We've handmade each internal and front door from hardwood and fitted with solid brass, turned door knobs.
Particular attention was paid to making sure there are no visible wallpaper joints from ground floor to attic, within the stairwell.


 Wallpaper 1EC100B

 Wallpaper 1NE107

 Wallpaper N/A


 Wallpaper 1VT304

 Wallpaper 1NE107

 Wallpaper 1FL140 & 1FL142


 Wallpaper 1VT314

 Wallpaper 1NE107

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Beldham House
Designed and built by Chris Worthington of DHCW
Decorated and furnished by Margaret & Peter in Nottingham

This is the latest design in our Heirloom Collection, a large Victorian/Edwardian dolls house with plenty of potential as can be seen below.
The following pictures have been kindly provided by Margaret, one of our customers that is very proud to own such a lovely dolls house. It was a joint project by husband and wife , each bringing their ideas to life over a period of a few months. Electrics were installed by Peter along with tiling the roof, while Margaret focused on painting & decorating, then furnishing. We think they have finished this model to an excellent standard. No
wonder it's a special feature in their lovely home.  

Staircase wall panelling is an optional extra


Derwent Heights & Basement 

Designed and built Chris Worthington of DHCW

Delivered built with all components loose for easy decorating. 

It is not easy to appreciate the difference between our houses and other brands from looking at a photograph.

However, one obvious element that should stand out, is all our windows, doors, stairs and mouldings are made from hardwood, and not laser cut from mdf.  

Buying a dolls house

We offer our houses in two versions; 

  1. Built natural finish, ready for our customers to decorate. 
  2. Built and decorated with lighting, ready to furnish.

Each version is customisable with many bespoke options.

Our houses are all individually handmade to order and we do have a waiting list. Therefore, we have found it better to keep this side of the business separate to our online sales. If you are interested in viewing any of our houses, please contact customer services to arrange an appointment

Please do not visit our showroom without first making an appointment and checking availability.


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