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Handcrafted Heirloom Collection

True British craftsmanship
All our own work.
No third-party doors, windows etc.

Nor do we use CNC routers or laser cutters.

Please take a moment to read the explanation below.

Were often asked if we do actually make all the windows, doors, stairs etc ourselves here in England. Surely there made abroad, or with a CNC (computerised machinery).
The answer is simple, as stated.
Yes we make everything ourselves, with hand tools and hand held machinery.

Not only can we claim this, but also boast, if we may. To posses the skill of producing components to such precision by hand, that others have felt the need to invest heavily in CNC machines to compete. It's only fair we should say, there is nothing wrong with technology that can produce houses in an hour or two. But we feel our Heirloom Collection should be handcrafted, and the price we ask, fairly reflects the weeks of labour intensive time we spend on each model.

No17 Market Place
Exclusively Handcrafted for you
Trent View
Exclusively Handcrafted for you
Dale Rise
Exclusively Handcrafted for you
Beldham House
Exclusively Handcrafted for you
Derwent Heights
Exclusively Handcrafted for you