How to choose a dolls house:

Children's toy or Collectors pride and joy 

Are you buying a dolls house for yourself as a collector/hobbyist or for a child as a toy?
If its for a child then you must buy sensibly, there are so many regulations now on toy safety standards.

If it's for a project or new hobby, then buy a house with reasonable sized rooms and ceiling height, or you'll soon be disappointed with the lack of space for furniture.

Plywood or MDF

Some will prefer a plywood house because it's wooden and looks nice, nothing wrong with that! The only disadvantage with plywood is it sometimes has a tendency to twist and splinter.
MDF on the other hand is a stable material that won't twist or splinter but perhaps doesn't look as nice in its raw state. However once either one have been painted and decorated, who's to know what its made of.

Of course it's not just about the carcase (main body of the house), it's worth considering the rest of the design. Do you like the style, amount of detail, size of rooms etc. Remember you will want to furnish your house to look realistic, a bedroom for instance needs more than just a bed, you'll want space for a wardrobe and bedside table, possibly more.

Plastic or Wooden Windows

Are you looking for wooden windows? Not many makers will supply their houses this way, most are plastic or mdf.
If wooden windows are your preference then its worth asking before clicking "buy now" 
Wooden windows will be more expensive, but the option should be available from a good maker, or included as standard with higher priced houses.

Which era do you like ?

Georgian and Victorian are the most popular. If you intend following a certain period religiously, then a bit of research will be helpful. For instance, you have chosen Georgian, and want to buy some lights, you might like gas lamps or Tiffany shades, oh dear, its Georgian! only candles allowed, hanging chandeliers, single or double wall candles and table candelabras. Plenty to choose from but no fancy decorative lamp shades.

Modern and Tudor are also available but furniture is not so easy to find.


Spend as much as possible on the house as this is the main part of your new hobby. A large house that's cheap, is likely to be of poor quality or lack detail, compared to a more expensive one. You don't want to spend money on wallpaper and lights only to have the house fall apart, or the front fall off it's hinges, Yes this dose happen with cheap makes, wallpaper can't be reused once it's been glued in place. 


Consider all of the above before starting this fascinating hobby. Don't rush and buy on a whim, think it through carefully, size, style and quality.

Established maker:

We built our first dolls house in 1992 and have enjoyed an enviable reputation for quality ever since.

We produce two collections, Heirloom and Foundation

Foundation collection:

Available to view and order in-store
A fantastic collection aimed at the beginner and experienced. Sound contradictory but true. Ideal for the beginner as there so well made and designed for minimal effort to build, but at the same time a brilliant base for any experienced builder to add their own ideas and details to turn these into one off designs.

Available built or kit, just for you with various options to choose from including; distressed brick inlay, lighting grooves, roofing packs and other features.

Heirloom collection 

Available to view and order in-store
Reasoning behind the decision to only sell our Heirloom collection in-store and not currently online;

You will see we only make a few different designs, with good reason. We prefer to concentrate our time on producing houses that are built to high, consistent standards, (quality not quantity).

Time after time we hear visitors to our shop/showroom say, “I wish we came here first”
They've bought a house with a quick buy now click, from other online retailers and received a kit that did not turn out to be what they expected. A picture doesn't always tell a full or true story.
When spending a sum of money that would be classed as a considered purchase. We believe it best to see the product in person or at least, have the opportunity to speak to the maker before committing to placing an order. We like to be sure that our customers receive the best advice before starting this fascinating hobby.

If you do call into our shop/showroom, you will not be under any pressure to make a purchase. You are more than welcome to have a look, ask any questions you may have, then go home. Yes that's our advice, go home.
Were not in any hurry to take your money, you should take time to think about what you have seen and not jump in head first. Any of our houses can be purchased over the phone or in-store, when you’re ready.

Special Editions:

Talk to us in-store
Our special editions range from packages we put together based on the Foundation collection, to a fully decorated Heirloom house ready to furnish.