All dolls houses
Buying a dolls house face to face is always best. You have a better understanding of there size and quality this way. So from Tuesday 17th December 2019 our dolls houses will only be available to view and order in-store, for the foreseeable future.

New development planned for 2020
We are working on designs for a very special new collection of houses.

Each design will be packed with all the very best of everything we produce ourselves. We can faithfully promise, as with our Heirloom Collection, we will not be using third party windows, doors, etc. Each component is, and will be, handcrafted in our workshop. Truly, English, craftsman made, for our discerning customers.

We expect prices to start from approximately £3,500 but we're still in the design and costing stages, therefore cannot release exact prices for this upcoming collection at the moment.

Details available early 2020 here and on our facebook page dollshousecottageworkshop 

New lower international postage rates
EU Postage & Packing £6.99 to £10.00 maximum
USA & Australia postage & packing Now Fixed at £10.00

Pay no more than £10.00 to have our quality products delivered to your door.

Reduce plastic
Were reducing the amount of plastic packaging we use by replacing plastic with paper bands where possible.

Reinstating our Motto
Our motto "to lead not follow" is in keeping with our ability to create new and original products from the
beginning of our business and is still as relevant today as it was then. Somewhere along the road we stopped using the motto but today it has been reinstated. Why? you may ask.
It's come to our attention that some of our original and exclusive products are being copied by another company, that's out of order and lacks
ingenuity. So we will continue to create and lead new products to market while the others follow.


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