Update December 2023

Plans for 2023 went awry, to put it mildly. It has been an incredibly hectic year, both within business and on a personal level, dealing with family illness, leading to many appointments, meetings and sad to say, arguments with authorities. All now dealt with and the right people on board, freeing up my time to continue building our family business throughout 2024. Perhaps a little more information than you need, however, I feel it is important to highlight, despite all the issues we faced, every order was completed, and we remain commitment to offering excellent products and customer service without compromise.

Time to move forward

I write this update today the 8th December and plans for 2024 are on track, having already completed house orders for this year. 

While we continue to work through 2024 orders for our Heirloom Collection, we will also be increasing stock and expanding our popular range of mouldings with new designs. 

Alongside this, having now stopped accepting Heirloom orders (more information below), we will also be allocating some time to work towards building the first display model of our New 'Grandeur Collection'. As many will be aware, we had every intention of releasing these new houses much sooner, but with more and more Heirloom orders, and the issues mentioned above, these new designs had to be pushed back. Believe me when I say, We can't wait to share these incredible new builds with you, so please be patient, they are going to be quite special.  

Heirloom Collection

Lastly for this update, please allow me to clarify the future of our Heirloom Collection, as there seems to be a little confusion.

These designs will return at a later date. However, when we make them available again, they will be offered with 'Ready to go' options, on a first come first served basis, instead of 'made to order'. Reaching a two year order book has been an incredible acknowledgment of how much regard our customers have for our houses, and their patience to wait. But a large order book comes at a cost of slowing down development, hence the need to change the way we operate for now. We look forward to offering these very popular houses once again, as soon as possible.

Update 4th August 2023

Our order book is now full for our Heirloom Collection.

Look out for 'Ready to go' options in the future.

Update 31st July 2023

We are offering just four more slots for Heirloom house orders.

Once our order book is full, we will not accept any more orders. Instead, when time allows, we will revert back to making them as 'ready to go' models. This will allow us time to work on our future products that we are keen to bring to market. Read more on the Handcrafted Heirloom Collection page

Update 20th March 2023

New appointment options from March 2023

We are now offering appointments for anyone who would prefer to purchase our online products direct from our showroom. Please call or email customer services to arrange a booking.

Update 28th February 2023

We are now on Trustpilot

Click the Trustpilot link at the bottom of any page to leave a review.

Update 29th January 2023

New hardwood mouldings. Combine & build department, plus new blog

New dolls house collection; See our blog Grandeur collection

Showroom appointment options. Contact Customer services  

Update 27th May 2022

Our Facebook account, page and messenger has been disabled by Facebook.

This is something that Facebook are implementing to update their system and old accounts. We have to hold our hands up and admit, we (I, in this case), didn't act quickly enough to save the account. 

Oh well! we didn't use it much anyway.

Our Instagram account suits our needs better and of course we can still be contacted via email, and phone.

Place your online orders with confidence.

All online orders continue to be dispatched on time. 

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The items you pay for will be the items we deliver.