New Video
Showing No3 Foundation Rd being built. This is from our lowest priced collection, no frills compared to our Heirloom Collection, but well made and ideal for the beginner or someone that would like a solid foundation to customise. 

February 2019
Our Heirloom Collection are now being custom built to order, and no longer available as kits. This was originally the way we made and sold them up to 2007 when following many requests we started to produce kit versions. Having monitored orders over the past three to five years, it's clear the majority of our customers prefer this range to be built, hence the decision today.
posted 20/02/2019

Decorating Dept
We have now adding more variety and increased stock levels of wallpaper.
Have a look at our decorating department, see if your tempted.
post updated 12/02/2019

Discontinued items, please read below;
Due to production issues our own spindles are no longer a stock item.
If you have bought these spindles from us in the past and require a few more to complete your staircase, please contact us. We can still make them in small quantities.

New product 0657 is now available as an alternative option, these will fit our stair treads, landing rail and handrails.
All other stair components remain in production including Newel posts.


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