Dolls house mouldings tips & inspiration.

Helpful tips, advice and inspiration coming soon

We're a little busy just now keeping up with all orders, but we will soon be starting to add some pictures, information and video content to help our customers with some basics and hopefully inspire you to try something new.

Until then, we thought a few Questions & Answers might be useful.

Q. Is it ok to use a variety of cornices (different designs) throughout a house?

A. Yes. Often a formal room would have bold and, or, decorative cornice compared to a kitchen for example. Also it is often the case that the upper floors, with lower ceilings, would see smaller cornice used.

Q.  How do I check if my dolls house is 1/12th scale?

A.  This is a question we're often asked. The short answer is your ceiling heights should be no less than 8 & 1/2 inch to be in scale. Going into a little more detail. Think of room sizes (floor area) in a real house. They can vary a great deal. For example a box room (small bedroom) in a 1940's house is small, but the ceiling remains the same height as a main bedroom in the same house.

Q.  Do you sell 1/24th scale

A.  No. We made a decision long ago to focus on 1/12th scale. It's the most popular and practical scale for almost all hobbyists to work with.  

Short video

Adding additional features to our Regency cornice. Here we show a preview to painting, gilding and assembly of two mouldings; 1425 Regency cornice and Panel mould (A)

We have used an airbrush for speed but a paint brush will be fine.

How to mark and cut an internal mitre